Tuesday, June 23, 2009

to those that call Captain America a tool

i can tell the ones that aren't fans because they don't know what Cap's about, they are the ones that sit up in LCS and talk about manga comics, play with Magic cards, watch and recite line for line words and fights from anime films and talk about things that they have no idea about( Oh, the Punisher was never trying to kill himself...). Cap was created during WW2 in oder to give HOPE to americians and give them a fighting spirit.In oder to know how Cap started it is imporant to collect issues from the 1940s, you never tell a fan," oh, who collects any issues from the 1940s?, they don't matter"...YOU ARE NOT A FAN if you say that. Cap didn't just start in the 60s , and it's his spirit that makes us true fans apperciate him more. He has quit being Cap before many times because of the Goverment wanting him to be something more for them and not the people.Check out Captain America #332 for what i just said. Some people are upset with Steve coming back and asking what's going to happen with Bucky while forgetting that Marvel last year announced that there will be a Winter Solider ongoing comic series and these, i'm sure, are the same people that vote on Marvel.com a few days after Cap #25 came out and voted to bring Steve back right away.I'm not going to lie, i hated the end of Civil War #7, it took me a full year afterwards to collect that issue.( I hated Iron Man a long time after that and when UA2 cames out, i'm kicking his Iron butt) But i knew that Steve would be back and it makes me sick that fans that don't really read Capatain America talks about him as well as the independent comic and DC comic readers that rip Marvel any chance they get while their companies print out boring and bad product. one said that this was suppose to be the final nail in Marvell's coffin, I don't know what planet he's on or from , but Marvel is the top comic company now and with the Dark Regin and Cap fully coming back things will only get bigger and better.

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