Friday, June 19, 2009

Comic Of The Week: Captain America #600

I am very pleased with this issue, from the beautiful origin done by Alex Ross to the Reprint from Captain America #16 from the 1940s. The " One Year Later " story is the main story , telling stories from the sides of Sharon Carter, The Falcon, the Bucky from the 2nd vol of Cap during the Heroes Reborn storylines,The New Avengers, The Red Skull and finally Bucky. Norman Osborn is really asking for it by trying to top Cap's death with his little speech while on the stage during the Vigilant of Cap's " death". This is the perfect lead in to "Rebirth". And to see old faces from his ex Bernie to the Selling of items from Cap's life to Joe Simon's bulletin board to the reprint of " Red Skull's Deadly Revenge !"

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