Thursday, March 31, 2011

Black Panther vs Kraven The Hunter is happening in Strom Hunters storyline in June

ever since it was announced, the debate has begun and many people are chosing sides and soon we will see who will win in a one on one fight between the two and throw in strom and you have a wonderful mix of action.

New Ghost Rider series is coming..thanks to Fear Itself

but will there be a new Spirit Of Vengeance? Someone comes to ofeer Johnny Blaze a new lease on life and removing the Ghost Rider from within him. Will he take the offer and if so who will be the New Ghost Rider ?


I cannot wait to find out who is the villian that brings Dark Phoenix into the Marvel U and has her destroy it and has Iron Man going through time to get together heros to help fix things, sounds and looks good...

Fear Itself issue # 1

how is enjoying the storyline so far ?