Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thor: tales of asgard is coming on dvd may 17

this is the last animated dvd released with lionsgate. This will tell an early tale of thor going on a jorney with loki and the warrior three trying to locate the sword of sultar. Sounds good to me.

x-men :first to last crossover

This sounds very instresting. To see the x-men teams all meet up and cross over from the original team to supposely the last. Im excited to also find out who is the new supervillian that will make his debut and make life a living hell.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ok i just heard about marvel`s next big thing, the big shots

it`s good to see that moon knight is being rebooted and i was surprised to hear that the punisher is getting relauched in june while daredevil gets the same treatment in july. The only question i have is where will this leave black panther ? Will he go home or stay in new york , maybe hang around the avengers ? We will have to wait and see....

Friday, February 11, 2011

wait what the new venom is

flash thompson ? Really ?

so what do you think of the new ff ?

i think i feel a little funny. I have the fantastic four`s major issuses since their very first apperance. The future foundation ? Hmmm i dont know. The way that they handle johnny strom`s death was very moving. I just dont like the costumes though.

Ok so the marvel movies that are coming out

so in may we have thor then in june we have x-men:first class and in july we have captain america:the first avenger. I have gotten a lot of negitive response to the xmen trailer. Well we will see soon.