Monday, May 25, 2009

I hope your holiday is good, i'm giving 100 points to those that can tell me where this is from

PS, it's real not a hoax or gimmick, damn it's hard to believe it's been almost two years since this has come out

Comic of the Week Uncanny X Men #137

There are many epics that have come and then they is this The Dark Phoenix Saga and the ending in this issues is still being talked about to this very day. whever you have this issue or have seen this played out on the big or small screen it still tugs at your heart and mind.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is the comic book that made me love comics since i was three years old

Amazing Apider Man (vol 1) #62. I think people like myself love Marvel because they're real people with real problems just like you and me and they live in actual places. Captain America's from Brooklyn Hieghts, Brooklyn, Spider Man's from Forset Hills Queens, Dr Strange's from The Village, i could go on and on but they do great things and make us feel like we are there right along with them, that's why the Marvel films work as well.

i got Captain America #50 yesterday

i enjoyed it, i was fast paced, and it was cool, telling Bucky's history while he was being pursued by the watchdogs on his birthday and the backup story explaining everything so far, and you can tell that whatever's happening it's leading up to Bucky getting his own series and Steve Rogers coming back.

oh yeah, i've been working on a surprise

i'll show it to all of you june 17th

Comic of the week-New Avengers: Illuminati #1

if you are a fan of Secret Invasion and you're wondering where did all of this stuff with the Skurlls start, you need this issue. If you cannot find this issue, look for New Avengers: Illuminati:Secret History #1, which reprints the first two issues of this mini series. It shows the secret reason as too why the Skrulls hate Iron Man,Dr Strange, Mr Fantasic, Namor and Professor X as well as Black Bolt( read New Avengers #7 to learn the history and orgins of the Illuminati) and their MO for coming to Earth and causing so much chaos for world domonation. it's def good reading and a good tie in to Secret Invasion.

Friday, May 8, 2009

"marvel ultimate alliance 2 trailer"

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a cool trailer i just pieced together

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MIGHTY THOR 1966 ep 1 PART 1

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H O M TV and our first show is...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

SPOILER!!! Ok have you figured out who the Red Hulk is?

if you are a longtime fan of the Hulk you may or may

not like Rulk as the red Hulk is known by. if you stop to think about it and have read Hulk #1-6 then you saw the shocking ending the A Bomb was about to tell Hulk who Rulk is, but i have 2 therories as to who Rulk really is. 1 is Talbot and 2 is Betty Banner, it has to be one of the two because a there both not talked about and b you don't see either one on the case. yes yes i know that betty died in Hulk 466, but remember she had a GAMMA overdose and Rulk kept talking about waiting a long time to get revenge on the Hulk. we will all find out July 15th when Hulk 600 comes out.

here's my review of Xmen Origins: Wolverine/WARNING SPOILER ARLET!!!!!

ok, i've seen it twice now and let me tell you there's def moree good than bad in this movie. I WILL NOT SPOIL THE END OF THIS MOVIE!!!! you need to go see it, i've seen a different ending that the one i saw at a preview screening a week before the movie came out so on that note...from when it starts and those of you that has the issues or have read the mini series Origin, which btw and i don't know which "fans" said it was on of the best Wolverine stories I've EVER read,period. some people didn't like that or House Of M# 8 when it was known that Logan remembered everything, some fans wanted for Logan to stay the same without ever knowning everything about himself and some people can't handle change, anyway when the movie starts and the murder of James' "father" by Creed's father happens and then he tells James that he's his real father and then is mudered by James and then the two brothers run away together while the opening credits rolls and you see them fight in the different wars through time, to me it stays true to how both men really are. now again i'm not going to spoil too much more but one of my biggest problems is a few little things. Sabertooth running on all 4's? come on now, get real. they dropped the ball on that one. some people should have been around a little bit longer before being bumped off. i really felt that the movie could be a little longer. that's it. i enjoyed everyone from Marvick( Will I AM ) to Blob and yes Gambit, even though this is his 2nd X Men movie, if you have X3, yes he's in it go watch it again, he's there. I hope they bring onto X4 as well. Seeing the Professor was not too much of a surprise to me and i was glad to see him. like i said overall i enjoyed the movie and i want to see it again( yes, there are different eneding, one ending with Logan, another with deadpool, hey they did say that they wanted to do a Deadpool movie..)

REBORN #1 July 1st 2009/SPOILER!!!!if you have not been reading any Marvel Comics do not read this...

i'm peeing in my boxers right now for this, this has been a long time in the making and a lot of aptain america fans are loving it....

it's free comic book day, did you get yours?

i really enjoyed the Avengers story and how it ties into what's happening in the actually Marvel Universe.

Marvel makes it real easy to follow along I know a lot of people that are X Men fans but I'm a little more of a Avengers fans and this story teaming up both the Dark and New Avngers is great, i loved the story and artwork i cannot complain about this at all, hell it was free, who can complain about that ? and the way that Thor handled Iron Patriot is priceless, remmeber he said the same thing to Iron Man before and after Secret Invasion. If you haven't been able to pick this up shame on you go get it now if it's still around.