Saturday, May 2, 2009

here's my review of Xmen Origins: Wolverine/WARNING SPOILER ARLET!!!!!

ok, i've seen it twice now and let me tell you there's def moree good than bad in this movie. I WILL NOT SPOIL THE END OF THIS MOVIE!!!! you need to go see it, i've seen a different ending that the one i saw at a preview screening a week before the movie came out so on that note...from when it starts and those of you that has the issues or have read the mini series Origin, which btw and i don't know which "fans" said it was on of the best Wolverine stories I've EVER read,period. some people didn't like that or House Of M# 8 when it was known that Logan remembered everything, some fans wanted for Logan to stay the same without ever knowning everything about himself and some people can't handle change, anyway when the movie starts and the murder of James' "father" by Creed's father happens and then he tells James that he's his real father and then is mudered by James and then the two brothers run away together while the opening credits rolls and you see them fight in the different wars through time, to me it stays true to how both men really are. now again i'm not going to spoil too much more but one of my biggest problems is a few little things. Sabertooth running on all 4's? come on now, get real. they dropped the ball on that one. some people should have been around a little bit longer before being bumped off. i really felt that the movie could be a little longer. that's it. i enjoyed everyone from Marvick( Will I AM ) to Blob and yes Gambit, even though this is his 2nd X Men movie, if you have X3, yes he's in it go watch it again, he's there. I hope they bring onto X4 as well. Seeing the Professor was not too much of a surprise to me and i was glad to see him. like i said overall i enjoyed the movie and i want to see it again( yes, there are different eneding, one ending with Logan, another with deadpool, hey they did say that they wanted to do a Deadpool movie..)

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