Saturday, May 2, 2009

SPOILER!!! Ok have you figured out who the Red Hulk is?

if you are a longtime fan of the Hulk you may or may

not like Rulk as the red Hulk is known by. if you stop to think about it and have read Hulk #1-6 then you saw the shocking ending the A Bomb was about to tell Hulk who Rulk is, but i have 2 therories as to who Rulk really is. 1 is Talbot and 2 is Betty Banner, it has to be one of the two because a there both not talked about and b you don't see either one on the case. yes yes i know that betty died in Hulk 466, but remember she had a GAMMA overdose and Rulk kept talking about waiting a long time to get revenge on the Hulk. we will all find out July 15th when Hulk 600 comes out.

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