Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Saw X-Men First Class and......

I liked it as a entrainment film but being a true marvel fan i was highly disappointed. And some things were a little off. Forgive me, I am one of a few X-Men fans that talked about this for an hour outside of the cinema after we saw it. First things first DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT YET I WILL HAVE SPOILERS ! Ok from the beginning, having Shaw as a Muant,no. Seeing the Hellfire Club was cool as well as the Cameos from Wolverine(what he says is CRAZY) and the grown Mystique is some of the highlights of the film. I also had a problem on how they explain how Professor X became crippled.( really? a stary bullet?) anyway if you have time to kill go see this movie...if you are a true x-men fan stay away and wait for the dvd or hbo. Also to have Shaw be the creator of the helmet that Magneto wears is also way off come on man if you tell a Marvel story you have to tell it right.


  1. So a stray bullet Cripples The professor!!!(He is not paralyzed) Come on people!!! Stick to the story. They could have used two of the other tales in the comics like for one the Lucifer plot!!! witch I believe is the first and original story (Correct Me if I'm wrong) and I think the story was re-done in 2010 but never the less a stray bullet is so lame and gives little credit the the character SMH Why people Why!!!!! Will wait for DVD Looking forward to the AVENGERS!!! Sure its a O.K Movie but for the subject matter eh-- No thanks!!!!!

  2. There were a lot of flaws in here even how beast turned into a blue furball. Moria mctaggart working for the cia ? There was a reason why THOR worked , because it stayed true to the source and core. This film did not. End of discussion.